Verdicts and Settlements

$4,840,000 Verdict: Motorcycle Accident on Dangerous Roadway Construction Site

The client was compensated for roadway construction negligence. Injuries sustained include lower and upper back, neck, as well as elbow and leg injuries. New safety protocols are also be implanted to prevent future accidents

$4,340,632 Verdict: Severe Injuries Sustained While Riding on a Sport Utility Vehicle

Mr. Nelson's client sustained several injuries including, ankle, fibula and femur fractures.  The injured party also suffered a lacerated liver that required surgery.  The broken bones required medical hardware to be implanted to help heal the injured client.

$375,000 Settlement: Major Vehicular Accident

Mr. Nelson's client was at a stop when another vehicle collided head on into him. He suffered from back and neck injuries. The case settled before trial.

$850,000 Settlement: Product liability and negligence against Los Angeles City Bus

Plaintiff was killed while riding on a City Bus operated by a different entity.    The injuries resulting in her wrongful death were determined to be due to the negligent driving of her bus driver and the unsafe condition of the bus.

$800,000 Settlement: Injuries Sustained While Operating a Forklift

Plaintiff suffered injuries while operating a forklift for his employer at the Los Angeles Produce Mart.  Plaintiff's injuries included his back and neck, a collapsed lung, dislocated shoulder, fractured ribs and a rotator cuff tear.

$500,000 Settlement: Premises Liability Lawsuit for Wrongful Death

John Doe was shot and killed at a party by uninvited guests.  The lawsuit alleged that the security was negligent in their duties by allowing the assailants onto the premises.

$493,200 Settlement: Injured Neck and Back Due to Rear End Collision

FACTS: Plaintiff was rear-ended by a vehicle operated by defendant. The impact pushed the plaintiff into the car ahead of him. Plaintiff sued defendant for negligent operation of a vehicle. Defendant denied full liability.

INJURIES: Plaintiff claimed injuries to his neck and back. He drove himself to the emergency room following the accident. He received epidural injections to his lower back and underwent an anterior cervical discectomy with plating one year after the accident. He continued to suffer from residual pain and discomfort in his neck and back.  Defendant claimed that the injuires to his back and neck were pre-existing.

RESULT: The parties negotiated a settlement. Our client received $493,200 as part of the settlement.

$450,000 Settlement: Injuries to Neck Due to Slip and Fall Case

FACTS:  Our client was a guest at a friend's mother's home when she slipped on a small rug, falling on her back and hitting her head on the floor. She sued the home owner for premises liability and accused her of negligent maintenance causing a dangerous condition.

The plaintiff was taken to the hospital following the accident. She was recovering from a prior neck fusion surgery when the accident occurred.

PLAINTIFF'S CONTENTIONS: Plaintiff claimed injuries to her neck from the fall.

DEFENDANT'S CONTENTIONS: Defendant denied that there was prior notice of the dangerous condition the rug posed and claimed that the accident was caused by plaintiff's own negligence.  Defendant also contended that the plaintiff's injuries were caused by a prior fall.

INJURIES: Plaintiff claimed that the fall stopped the prior neck fusion from taking place and caused her to undergo another cervical fusion surgery. The surgery resulted in complications, involving infection, which required her to undergo two more surgical procedures. She claimed that all her daily activities were affected by the pain and discomfort in her neck. The defendant claimed that the fall caused only soft-tissue injuries to our client's neck and her post-fall surgeries were due to an incomplete fusion during her original surgery.

RESULT: Our client received $450,000 as part of a negotiated settlement.

$300,000 Settlement: Pedestrian Struck by Car in Crosswalk

Our client was hit by a car in a crosswalk while in a parking lot of a shopping center.  She claimed that the parking lot premises was unsafe and the shopping center was negligent.  She was compensated for a broken bone, torn rotator cuff and emotional distress.

$198,000 Settlement: Rear End Collision in Los Angeles

Plaintiff sustained back and neck injuries after being rear ended by a Shuttle Van.  He required medical attention and physical therapy for his injuries.  Our client was compensated for his medical bills and lost earnings as a result of the accident.
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